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How is Social Media working for you?
Is the new world working for you yet? do new bands benefit from social media, is the truth out there, are people spreading the information on who to trust and who will rip you off?

This is exactly what this site was set up for, it now seems to have died a death of late as most users have turned to the NET (appropriately named) but is it working for you?

we want to start and make the internet work for you, gain the real credible contacts you will need to forward your career, the right advice and tips on who to avoid on your way to building a career.

If you are thinking you can make it in Music and reach the top without being allowed then think again, The only way we can see of having a career is to create it yourself and it can be done, you need to know there is a market for your Music and Live stage craft, then you turn it into a profitable business ...anyone interested in making a living from music? then you are at the right place.

Lets hear what you have to say ? ..... email your suggestions to

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