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Heather Neill's Manager
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Location: Perth, Scotland
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Unfortunately Rocksyncrhony Scotland was great inone way but poor in another. Band wise? brilliant. Crowd wise? very poor. I think this was due to various factors, Englands game, the weather being good, wimbleton, but the major factor and our date unfortunately coinsided with a blues festival being held in Dundee 18 miles away. This is a major event over two days to which people come from all over the world to take part.
So we did not raise much money but on the whole it was a success in other ways. Here is some pics of the bands in action;

Heather Neill

Zarakous with Brendon in full flight


El Fuego

The Rise

Tenesee Kait

Jame Adams

Blues on Tap

Phantom Riffige

I will produce a video of Heather soon
So to sum up great day, great music, great bands but poor crowd.
I am already planning Rocksynchrony Scotland 2007 and I think this time it will be massive and open air.

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Charles James Ellis
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Congratulations Jack! Promoting isn't the easiest thing to do. Pleased the bands were all good and that you are already thinking about next year!
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Clear Blue Skies
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All you can do is try, you did, the bands did.
Well done all involved.
Charity nights are the hardest ones to pull off i believe.
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Isani Tomay
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Good luck with the next one
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+48v Roger Riches
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I really enjoyed engineering this gig, Lots Of Good Acts, brand spanking sets by Brendon's new band "Zarakous", The Massive "Phantom Riffage", The Sublime "Tenesee Kait", and The Almighty "James Adams". We know how to rock.
Can't wait till next year Jack. Lets Rock And Roll.
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Greg McSorley
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Sorry to hear about the poor turnout Jack, but glad to hear the band's still rocked the place regardless.
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