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Accept Decline
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North West
JOINED ON 28-9-2005

We are now a completed lineup after months of searching we have found the right people who have similar goals and a lot of different ideas. We are looking to gig from around March 2009 so watch this space and we should have some updates for you in the near future.

John B - Guitar
Previously played in several bands including Bernard Kelly where I played drums for a year or so, then after moving on to guitar played in a band called Crimson Tide. Both of which played regularly around the Leeds/Bradford area.

Andy - Guitar
Andy has played in a few bands in and around Leeds/Bradford, two of which were Greater Speed and Accuracy and Blacktop. Since then Andy has moved on to playing guitar where he has found his forte.

Paddy - Drums
Although Paddy has not played in any bands he certainly knows his way around a kit. He's also pretty mean with a guitar which is always handy with writing new stuff.

Kyle - Lead Vocals
To be updated...

Jonny - Bass guitar
The final member to join completing Accept Decline's line-up. Jonny has played bass for various outfits including Blackburn based punk band The Don-kiddicks and Leeds pop rockers Concrete Bullet. He is also a drum & bass producer when he has the time.


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