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JOINED ON 26-4-2007

Citadel® started as a three-piece in the late seventies with "Silence of Surrender" on the first QFM Hometown Project & live Agora simul-cast in Ohio. Shows, videos & album releases followed. Now, jump ahead to 1990, when their debut CD, "The Citadel of Cynosure & Other Tales" was chosen as "Best of KLOS Local Licks" in Los Angeles and hit the top of many radio playlists, from the US to France, Russia to Germany, Japan to Spain, Hollywood to Mailbu... Live Citadel® Shows and Concerts released on DVD from Ohio to California include The Agora (Newport), Legend Valley, Troubadour, Roxy and UCLA's Royce Hall. This self-produced band also originated and co-produced the first ProgFest at Royce - and this single event changed the face of progressive music and birthed countless similar festivals across the globe. "Although (we're) not self identified as progressive, that is what the reviewers were likening us to. We don't cater to that, but we don't mind - but not everything we do classifies as a progressive song, it's more about the diversity of styles on our releases that gives us a progressive feel overall..." comments Whitman in a recent podcast interview. Citadel®'s most recent audio releases, "Vintage Vinyls" "Regenerative Generation" "At The Rainbow's End" and others are available by going to or by Entering the Official Citadel® Site (, where you'll find a downloadable order form, MP3 and video samples & downloads, lyrics, photos, links... Now based on the West Coast, Citadel® is always changing members around founder, Douglass/Whitman. The next CD will be available in 2007. Buy the CD
CITADEL ®: The Citadel of Cynosure & Other Tales
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CITADEL ®: Vintage Vinyls
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CITADEL ®: The Citadel Star Tracks
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