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Six Degrees of Separation
Six Degrees of Separation's Logo/Band Image
East Anglia
JOINED ON 03-4-2006

Jamos - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass
McCloud - Guitar / Backing Vocals, Bass, Drums
Chris - Bass, Guitar
Butcher - Drums, Guitar

Six Degrees of Separation are a grunge influenced rock band from Britain's most easterly town, Lowestoft, home of The Darkness and described as "God's arsehole" by Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. A town with areas of high deprivation it houses a multitude of bands, young and old. The band formed a year ago and have a set of 25 songs. All four members guitar or vocals for drum sticks and/or bass. This gives diversity in the style of music and a great live visual performance. Their music, heavily influenced by 90s Seattle grunge, follows the "verse-chorus-verse" theme with passion and rawness and has been described as "infectious yet simplistic". The songs vary widely, the listener should be able to pick out the influences of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pink Floyd. No prizes for guessing the main vocal influence!
Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees of Separation

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Recorded May 2006 "20th April"

The first full band gig was upstairs at The Seabreeze Club, Lowestoft. The venue was almost double capacity, some had to be turned away for fear of the floor collapsing. Jamos, cracked a rib just threes songs into the set by being over enthusiastic with a tambourine during the punk style song "For All My Help". In addition Gene Simmons' Rock School 2 cameras appeared to film the entire evening, a clip from the set was aired on Channel 4 on 29th January 2006.

The band have been gigging heavily throughout the first part of the year, with lots more gigs booked up and festivals to be confirmed.

Their debut single "You No More" was released on April 17th and available to download following the link on myspace.

April, May and June they remained at No 1 in the Grunge Charts on UK Bands. On Monday 5th June on the 4pm "A List" Show "Cheese of the Stoneage" will be played on Pulse Radio or Sky Channel 0115. They are also set to appear in the next issue of "Unsigned Magazine" in the review section and "Sowing Lights" is to feature on the covermount CD.

This summer sees Six Degrees of Separation performing a host of festivals and gigs. They return to the recording studio this month to record more tracks for their debut album.

CHECK OUT OUR PAGE ON to listen to tracks, view more pics and gig info. You can also find Six Degrees on,,,,, and .

"We are impressed by..the standard of musicianship on offer - technically advanced yet still simplistic and infectious. A great mix" - Rebecca Williams, Head of A & R, Inkhouse Label

"Overall impressions are that it's well cool." - Dave Arcan, Buzz Records

"I really thought it was incredible.." - Will Sherman, A & R Manager, Matchbox Recordings

Six Degrees of Separation Sky Channel 0115 Mon 5th June 4PM
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Six Degrees of Separation

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Six Degrees of Separation


Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees of Separation


: 29/12/2004 Jamos, Solo Acoustic,The Oak Tavern, Lowestoft:
06/01/2005 Jamos, Solo Acoustic,Brickmakers Arms, Norwich (Spike)
25/02/2005 Jamos, Solo Acoustic, Oulton Brewery, Lowestoft:
01/05/2005 Jamos, McCloud & Christian, Oulton Brewery Tap, Lowestoft:
29/05/2005 Jamos, McCloud & Christian, Acoustic, Oulton Brewery, Lowestoft:
03/06/2005 First Full Band Practice, The Soundhouse, Lowestoft:
17/07/2005 Jamos, McCloud & Christian, Acoustic, Oulton Brewery, Lowestoft:
11/08/2005 Jamos & McCloud, Acoustic, The Triangle Tavern, Lowestoft:
15-16/10/2005 - Mill Recording Studios, Diss, Norfolk:
22/10/2005 - The Seabreeze Club, Lowestoft (Another Shade of Black):
28/10/2005 - Oulton Brewery Tap, Lowestoft: :
12/11/2005 - The Seabreeze Club, Lowestoft (Another Shade of Black):
25/11/2005 - Oulton Brewery Tap, Lowestoft::
17/12/2005 - Oulton Brewery Tap, Lowestoft: :
14-15/01/2006 - Mill Recording Studios, Diss, Norfolk: :
19/01/2006 - The Triangle Tavern, Lowestoft: :
28/01/2006 - Oulton Brewery Tap, Lowestoft::
31/01/06 - Brickmakers Arms, Norwich:
17/02/06 - Dukes Head, Somerleyton:
09-10/02/06 - Mill Recording Studios, Diss, Norfolk:
21/03/06 - Brickmakers, Norwich (Birkenhed):
26/03/06 - Cricketers Rest, Norwich (Lynchburg Tenn):
31/03/06 - Allens Bar, Gt Yarmouth (Lynchburg Tenn):
08/04/06 - Brewery, Lowestoft (Me Versus You):
17/04/06 - Brewery, Lowestoft (Llwelyn, Damage):
28/04/06 - Cricketers Rest, Norwich (Lynchburg Tenn):
01/05/06 - Brewery, Lowestoft (Charity Day):
05/05/06 - Corton Hut, Lowestoft :
27-28/05/06 - Mill Recording Studios, Diss:
25/06/06 - Dukes Head, Somerleyton (Mini Festival):
08/07/06 - Brewery, Lowestoft (Masterplan For Failure):
11/07/06 - The Spiral, Colchester (Torn Asunder):
21/07/06 - Eastern Haze Festival, Somerleyton Hall Estate, Nr Lowestoft (Hawkwind):
22/07/06 - Private Party, Long Stratton:
11/08/06 - Brickmakers, Norwich (Born Backwards):
13/08/06 - Corton Hut Charity Rock Fest (All Dayer) :
20/08/06 - Royal Green Festival, Lowestoft:
19/09/06 - Lark in the Park, Islington, London:
07/10/06 - Brewery, Lowestoft (Birkenhed):
14/10/06 - Brickmakers, Norwich :
27/10/06 - The Corton Hut, Lowestoft:
01/12/06 - Brickmakers, Norwich :
23/12/06 - Brewery, Lowestoft (Torn Asunder):
30/12/06 - The Corton Hut, Lowestoft:

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