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Take a step backwards and evaluate your future, leaders are successful, not followers, so don’t follow the rest no matter how many tell you “its the way forward”… “Social Media” we can’t do without it, we must work at it harder and harder… NO… this is NOT the case, the secret is far deeper than the masses who play with these distractions… Because the media told us it was the way, even celebs and presidents tweet, so we must too?? no, no, no… you got it ALL Wrong…

OK, I will be working hard to get the new site in place and I will reveal what I have in store to change things… any help or offers of help in any way then email us.



Is the internet the route to success or a trap

Since the early days of the 1990’s I have been analysing the use of the internet before the introduction of the World.Wide.Web for the benefit of Freelance Artists/Music/Bands and new types of electronic distribution. I saw the Hugh potential of having the freedom to publish and control your own fans/sales/marketing etc. Since that date I have watched the powerful corporate industry who have the finances to control the Media using high power PR teams  to take control of all mediums, TV, Radio, Magazines, changing the way the masses consume via the likes of the  X-factor etc. When someone mentions the word “Brain Washing” you think of what you have seen on TV, but there are many ways to “Brain wash” the public and it has been going on publicly since 1928 with the formation of “The Council on Public Relations” in New York by Edward Bernays, cousin to the infamous “Sigmund Froyd” Since then PR (Public Relations) has been used in the media to manufacture your thinking, the decisions you make and the actions and choices you make.  You don’t believe me? then you need to do your research in history (not school history lol), one first step is to watch this documentary on psychology in Business and politics. One point to remember here, this is nothing hidden or locked away in secret, its all right in front of your eyes, so close you cant see it..This was released by the BBC some time ago.

So how has PR (Public Relations/Propaganda) come on since those days in the last century, how is it used now in the New World Media and the internet and why does it seem the Music Industry is broken, ignoring a lot of real talent that never gets heard on mainstream outlets?

Since the late 90’s early 2000, There was a rise in the “get on-line Agenda” The media that kept trying to convince the public that the internet is the way forward, the future, don’t get left behind, Pumping the public of all ages with anything that will get them on-line, young and old, they want everyone connected so FULL CONTROL can be established over every man and woman and non gender specific (that’s a whole different area of the same web) they used the likes of Fake PR/Propaganda with the Arctic Monkeys who had a Profile on this site run by one of their friends (like the profile on myspace   that was set up  by a photographer who followed them around. This was 4 months prior to their so-called organic grassroots social success before they became famous and they had little to no internet exposure before  the BBC brought them to the attention of the public saying its the reason for their success (Murdoch had just purchased myspace months before in 2005). Its not hard to see who the BBC is controlled by….?  (well its NOT the public) yet another reason to stop paying a licence fee to a rotten society of corruption and cover-ups. That was the start of the growth of MySpace in Europe, mostly the UK. It did its job, trained the young to want to collect friends so they are seen to be popular, everyone leaving false and patronising comments so they can be seen on your myspace wall. Then once facebook started to be pushed by the media (why when it was useless at that time), more like friends reunited, there was nothing new or beneficial but it was using the latest viral building technology similar to how Bebo got its success (yet another social networking site that bit the dust) This all started the “bihind your back” data collection from your MSN, addressbooks etc etc and sent off emails urging all your friends that you have joined this amazing site, you should too blah blah, you know the score or should do by now. Can you not see how this false matrix was manufactured, now every corporate and government/public service and institution “EXPECT” you to be online, if your not there is something wrong with you, why not, are you less that everyone else.


Since those days when it was relatively easy to build a real fan base and help build a great brand on the ground, via Regional social clubs, some theatres , local universities, collages and schools, Has all this now left us, while still finding it a problem receiving mainstream exposure there were a lot of independent media outlets, fanzines, venues, posters, Dj’s word of mouth etc which would give new bands/artists and many performers a way of reaching out to an audience having value as talented individuals. Those days have changed, some will tell you it was the public who changed it but from my experience its always the Propaganda which controls the changes (and whoever owns all media, control all) All this is glued together with corruption of sorts, backhanders old boys school, clubs and secret societies (most hare clueless of how they are being used) but lets just call it the establishment for want of a better term.

OK, so how is it Artists today get ahead and rise the ranks?

Do they have to use all the social media crap? (some will swear its the ONLY Way to get a following) lol in the days of myspace they spent years getting this following that was an illusion, similar to all online neworkls the media has lead everyone to believe its the route to success (in many PR Stories, not just Music) now the Whole World believes they MUST be on the internet. There is no problem being tracked and recorded all the time  if you are not doing anything wrong!!!, hmmm at the moment maybe but in the future define what “Doing something wrong is” if you have read 1984 you will know to the extent of what will be claimed to be doing the wrong thing, such as having a loving relationship with the opposite gender. or using more than your fair share of water or anything else that will become in such short supply, but again that’s a whole different section of the matrix to do with many aspects of the change over to the new systems (new world) the matrix, the grid, the internet whatever you want to call it, it will soon control everyone’s lives (this is why these Nazi’s want rid of the free spirits, travellers, Gypsies and other nomadic cultures (not speaking of today’s Irish Travellers) There are so many free ways of life coming to an end all over the world.

Does it seem like there is a force of false propaganda with the likes of facebook and twitter, the media since myspace has had an agenda to get everyone and his cat onto the internet yet that is what some artists/promoters dreamed about. Many of them would argue its worse today then it was in the early days, some would argue the opposite, so what is the Truth?

Is it because the media is controlling the public and new artists who want to find a way to success, It seems these days they public more than ever have to be told what to like, what to wear, how to speak (new speak) and for the boys, act like girls and the girls act like boys and the promotion of the right to choose to be GAY, mainly because the youth have been damages by the amount of PORN that has been allowed to flow freely on the internet to an extent damaging the behaviour and effecting sexuality and the real natural feelings between males and female. The divide is getting deeper and yet the truth is blocked, removed and ridicules even if the awareness was to the advantage of the 99%. Agenda 21 (political mind Control for sustainability) & Codex Alimentarious (Control all food lowing the standards for the 99%)

What is the answer? what direction do you take to reach success?
All this will depend on what you are looking for and how large your ego is and do you really know what it is you are really looking for? or is it just what you think you are looking for as the media got your mind under control thinking success is money and fame, most think it is but just look at where it really gets you when you look behind all the media propaganda and the FAKE reality of show biz, beating it into your heads via soaps, reality shows, talent competitions etc etc. ONLY YOU can take control and get to find what you really what once you know what that is, we can then help you to get there.

Ask yourself now… Do you know what success really means or is it something you have seen on TV, the illusion of what the public see as success but most  will enter into a nightmare once reaching a level of what is known via the media as success. I have spoken to many former “successful artists” and personalities who think it was the biggest mistake they ever made, try speaking to a few yourself.

The question is do you want to follow the dream or enjoy a life doing what you love doing? (it really does work for many, and no, they are not world wide names bu they are well known in many areas and in some countries you may not have visited.

Do you want these answers and more…. then its time for a whole new portal that is here for YOU and NOT to exploit hopefuls for the money.

We will bring a team together so we will need your support to complete this network allowing real bands to play to Real fans, real music lovers who who will all be part of this growing network.

Subscribe and you will be informed when we are LIVE.. NOTICE ALL Subscribers will NEVER receive any sort of marketing, just an email to let you know the site will be live and you can choose to remove yourself at anytime whatsoever as we don’t need data to market to, we are ONLY interested in building a strong network that everyone involved will benefit from.

see you all soon if we can all connect to build a new must industry for the music makers and not the business suits who control and exploit the artists, unless you want to be a corporate bitch that is… there are still many out there.