'I have logged in, but it says I haven'!'
This is a very common problem, please check that you are NOT logged in by checking to the left of the navagation bar, this should say "not logged in" if it says Hi [yourname] then you are logged in but do not have access to the page you are trying to view. This could be: 1) You do not have access to that area, if you think this is wrong then please contact an administrator 2) the cookie on your computer are incorrect. You will need to delete the cookie which is causing this problem before you can log in.

Follow these steps to delete your cookies (these step are for Internet Explorer 6.0+)
1) Go to Tools
2) Go down to Internet Options
3) Click on the button 'Delete Cookies'
4) Click 'OK'
5) Retry to log in

If this does not work, then your password is wrong. To create a new password, please click on the 'Reset Password' link on the Log In page, and follow the instructions.

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'I haven't got my Activate Email! What should I do??'
Well if you haven't got it, you maybe entered the wrong email. You can check by going to the 'myProfile' page and go to 'Edit Profile' link.

If your email address is wrong, you can chnage it and a Activation Email will be sent that new address.

If your email address is correct and you still have not received your Activation Email, simply Click here" and enter your email address, and an Activation Email will be sent to your email address, with a new password for your account, also this will activate your account at the same time.

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'My error is not listed here'
Well please contact one of the Administrators If your question is listed here, please try to resolve it first as we receive many support requests. than you.

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