1) No Spam/Business advertising - All posts must be directly related to the relevant forum(s) and authorization must be obtained if the poster is connected to any business looking for any type of payment from other members either pay cash, cheque or online payments of any kind. Authorisation me be obtained if the service is in the best interests and an endorsed business unless they are in the Fan forums or General discussion such as "The Crack" with no monetary or Business interests or promotion for a business. If you are unsure if your post contains such content please contact an Administrator.

No obscenities or swearing . seriously you must keep the forums as clean as possible as we do have quite young members using the site.

Please keep your posts and content tidy and if you can't always call in on a regular basis, please ensure you have "notify of replies" in your profile on. Please keep your Private messages (PM) in box in order by deleting read messages, you can store up to 500 saved/sent and read messages at present, this may increase in the future. so don't allow it to fill up too much as it will block new message when the boxes are full

The more information you enter into your profile the better it is for you and any Members who may be your future hot contacts in the industry, also Industry Members who want to add/edit more than one profile, please keep them up to date. You can use the Management area to control the gigs/events for these profiles.

Your e-mail address remains hidden at all times but members that wish to contact you can still do this via an e-mail form or they can use a Private message (PM) which you can also choose to be notified of any awaiting messages on the site.
Posts and replies from all FANS, BANDS & the INDUSTRY which includes Venues, Promoters, Labels, Band Managers, Magazines and most other types in any related industry, which includes but not resticted toANY Business must contact us before placing any advertising which is looking for payment.
6) You can reply to News Items in the Forum. These will be linked from the News Article. If you do not agree with a members post you can post your opinion in a reply but Please NO "Slagging off" other members, the forums are not an area to take out any type of frustrations you may have.

Please respect the Moderators, if you do have cause to complain about any of the moderators or other members please contact the administrator.

8) cannot be held reasonable for any member breaking these rules that may cause you any loss or hardship of any kind. If it is reported we will be everything in our power to stop any further occurrences which may include Banning the users profile or deleting it along with any posts made.

Cheating is not allowed. If we find out that you are signing up just to cast 'false' votes on the chart, we are in our right to delete all the data which is linked with your account i.e. Votes, PM's, etc.

Activate your Account! Please be aware that all your data which is linked to your account will be deleted if you do not activate your account with 72 hours of registering.

11) will have the final decision on all posts made in the forums and in all cases of removal of any members in which is decided to be in the best interests of the site and it's members to do so.

Thank you for your loyalty to this site and don't forget to "at the very least" we ask you in return for your account here, to place a banner on your site from the Link2us page.

Have Fun and if you have any suggestions on how we can increase the support and level of service that we provide please contact the administrator, we will be glad to hear your feedback.


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