UKB Update 2016
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Almost a decade since the start of UKBANDS, one of the first websites set up to support artists/Bands in the new age of Cyber communications. It wasn't long before we realised it was a set-up. 

The level of Lies and propaganda put out over the past 20 years to convince everyone to get onto the internet is unreal. I won't begin to start that story, its one you must research for yourself, and believe me it takes a long time to come to this realisation.

 Welcome to the latest advice So you are still looking at Music as a career, no that's not a bad thing if you are aware of how the industry works or doesn't work as the case may be.

The first illusion is that there is a music industry that exists in the way it is portrayed in the media, if you believe that without question then your doomed to fail or be another exploited bitch of some Industry parasite who takes control of just about everything you do, some would call it slave like. Some would not be able to see it for what it is and wonder why they need to drink or take as many drugs in order to keep this false belief alive. 

You have to see the ways in which you can earn from your art, some won#t budge from their own original music that no one has heard or wants to because they have not been told to like you by the media, that's how it works right...? you don't think so? please do more research, digging under what people tell you, find out for yourself.  First thing is to know what you are about, lets call it your Brand (in modern new speak bullshit terms) Once you have this brand established, identify what you are about and what you want to portray (your Image). Everything you do from then on revolves around this brand. The Music, the attitude, the stage presence, the clothing and the target market.  Do not believe anyone is out to help you, 99.9% are out to make money from you becasue you are hungry for success and in most cases still under the believe that if you pay out some money you may get another step forward, do NOT fall for this trap. If you are not good enough you may never get anywhere but keep the faith as if you are good enough it can still take years before promoters and fans take notice or it may take weeks, this all depoends on what you have to offer, how innovating your art is as most music has already been written, everything else is a mix of what has been but there is always room for something new if you can find it. The PR Wars (Public relations AKA Propaganda) can be used to help with your career, in most cases it is all that some of the mainstream artists have as they cant sing or play but they look attractive to the target market. (We all realise who they are but for most, not to the extent of media manipulation involvement in ALL today's music) You have hit songs? you found the art of the hook or the ability to change people and  their thinking... then you are well on your way, you may even get an offer to sign your life away (that's no joke either) Do you sign a deal with a Label you have heard of, just because you have heard of them and you then feel successful? Think again you may be making the worst decision ion your short lived career. You really need to learn as much as you can about publishing if you are serious as leaving this to someone else just makes you vulnerable. If in the case of a band, try to get a member who has the ability to think out of the box and safeguard the rest from the pitfalls, yet but even friends can do the dirty ... still want to be in the music business and be famous>? be very careful what you wish for and always look out for your own interests, learn  the game and if you are still in love with creating new music, then keep grafting away, learn the new industry the old one died back in the 70's but failed to tell everyone as it suits the industry to keep you believing its all real.


Watch this space as more home truths are going to be revealed and more ways you can make a career from music, use the internet as a tool for this, forget using it for promotions or you will fall into the illusionary trap the internet has become, its not called the NET for nothing. until next time..... PS if you do want to know more and are willing to learn and we think you have what it it takes then get in touch as we are willing to mentor great talent that has the ability to learn. After backing the first band, putting them into the charts 3 times with no record label, then watching as the media (BBC) tried to put it down to myspace, now its twitter & facebook, both of which will simply waste your time and frustrate you, sometimes some delusion excitement is can be had but short lived but no successes to date, yes that's right "NO SUCCESS" without the power of big industry behind them (Arctic monkey's anyone) the classic example of Media lies and manipulation. 

 If you want the roadmap to a Career and enough people are interested we may just set things in motion. we look forward to hearing from you.   

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