UKB UPDATE - 2015 - are you awake yet?
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Now then, it's been quite a while yes, it has been a while, WHY?
OK let me tell you, since the creation of UKB some 18 years ago or so, the world has moved on at a rapid rate, more corporate websites all looking for a share of the debt or convincing you to waste time turning the pages to earn them credit and keep wheels turning. Is there much point in it all? really? you use a twitter and a FB Page? tagging everything and every photo of you and your friends selfee's? Global face database, DNA, RFID Chips, well you are helping turn the world into the New World control grid and it will never stop until we are all like subservient drones existing only to service the world for the elite families who own it all, yes you lost it, they claimed it and for the past 100 years man has failed to wake up to this but there is still time to make yourself aware of the journey you must take. We all need to make sure others know the way, it's pretty basic and its not changed for a very long time, have faith, share and help others around you and you may find others will share and help you, this is what I have found to be the best direction to take in life for happiness and fulfilment.
Some say its the devils work, well it is a very evil world these days but the evil people tell us all its lovely and they want to keep us safe and relaxed with prescription drugs or with more and more alcohol to keep us from thinking and fooling ourselves its a good time and we are cool become we are just like what we see on the TV, YES, the TV the psychological control aspect to your life, you demand more and more off it, its called Entertainment (Lattern, Entrance, contain, mind)
Always remember there is good and bad in everything, so everything can be used for good and bad, it just depends on who has control of it to how it is used and who controls the internet now, yes you got it, not us. Everything your type, upload, comment, save is stored for the next ten years (this will be extend before the time is up) so then it gets better, every photo you take on your phone is logged with the G.p.s location, time and date stamp and if you share it and tag it, that facial recognition system then stores the image for the database. The Cloud, oh yes, that is very useful but again, making all of your data available to anyone who wants to sift though it, why would they do this, maybe your not in agreement with something your masters are doing to society, you may start to see how things have been turned against everyone else apart from the elite few, everyone divided because no one talks any more, everyone reports on everyone else, there is no money to pass around, just millions of food banks and we are all told things will get better while we have man made epidemics where the elite society are the only few immune to the virus. It all sounds like science fiction but its not, it is a real possibility of a future unless we all start learning how to grow up and take our real position in this world as slave to no man and above no man, yes we are all equal, numbers on a balance sheet of debt means nothing in a fake wor;ld of illusion, there is no money, just bonds saying who owes how what, money is printed and added to this debt with interest, YES, created out of paper, thin air and we pay a person interest on that printed money, for what reason? well it is to increase the amount of power over us using this illusionary debt. I could go on and on and would if anyone would listen and spread the word to be MAN, not a person, just like a corporation existing in society be your own god and rule your world, do no harm to others, help others whenever you can and stop this onslaught of elite corporate greed from taking over this world and your children and heir children.
You are far better trying to use your artistic talent to forge a career in music and help spread the world of love and unity but not under a New World Order of rules, (it will never benefit the people, its all lies and evil people running everythinbg for greed and power, some of them may even fall as you see in the media, the Elite don't care who falls to further their global agenda/
This is what is going to destroy the old humanity in favour of the plastic drone like society fully controlled in every aspect of your lives, there is still time to stop complying to these corrupt manipulating cowards hiding behind words on paper and believing the words give it some sort of power, well yes if we believe it has any power and the fact is we are not slaves so all words being used to control you when there is no claim are null and void without your consent.
Well its about time you all woke up to what is really going on in the music business, nothing is what the industry would allow you to believe it is, its got some of the most evil people at the helm of corporate giant empires which are predatory and psychopathic by definition, its time for true artists to leave it all behind and stop selling out for promise of fame and fortune, its only a breif thrill then it all turns to shit.
Published by UKB Office on Sunday, July 19, 4:45 PM

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