UKB is NO MORE... what happened? read on.....
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UKB is no more as most of you will have already worked out by now.... It was destroyed by 3 people Paul King AKA Ronnie Fantastic (ex Tears for Fears manager and scumbag criminal, now running   "Live & Dangerous" Country Concerts, &   Addiction Busters  which is rich coming from someone who is addicted to deceiving people and let's NOT forget Robert Poat oh and not forgetting the tea boy Del Nergaard who is still Paul King's bitch to this day as far as we know.
So what Happened!, well if anyone is interested then I will be happy to write a FULL explanation and publish it on the record for all to see because these scum bags seem to have got away with it until their next exploit is known. So 2012 is the year TO tell the story of UKB and how it fell to ashes due to the greed of a few scumbags leaving a wake of destruction in their path
Published by UKB Office on Thursday, March 13, 1:07 PM

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