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Hi People, 

just a quick note to warn you about a festival scam that is going around. (Pass this on to ALL your friends who may find this information useful)

Imagine this..... an UNSIGNED FESTIVAL, 80 BANDS, (40/day) ANY Styles, ANY Genre, it don't matter, METAL with POP or RAP, you all get to play a festival as long as YOU SELL loads of tickets, at least 10 @ £40 each = £400 plus their transport to get there, will they see any great head liners... NO!!.

so you pay £400 per band to play in front of other bands and their friends RIGHT?, sounds like PAY to PLAY at its worst here .. what do you think?

this SUCKS just like all the other pay to play scams and Competitions out there, so if you are offered to play a festival and then asked to sell at least tickets £40 quid each , the more you sell the higher up the headline you go, great incentive yeah trouble is you could sell 200 and then play in front of all your own fans as all the other people left as they were totally sick of listening to bands they are totally not into and frozen stiff as it is almost November.

they make a massive PAY to PLAY fortune and you get to play another fake gig in front of your friends, fans and family members . the good thing is you get to camp in a field at the end of October so take your waterproofs and loads of jumpers and waste your time once again.
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