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I was under the impression the BBC are not allowed to advertise on ANY TV or RADIO STATION for ANY business or organisation the has to gain from exposure.

Then WHY did they first broadcast a clearly UNTRUE story about and an "untrue story" that the Arctic Monkeys became famous with fans via the spread of their music using this website.

NOTE: (This was shortly AFTER Rupert Murdoch paid $325 million for a large share of this site which is a commercial advertising business)

The Arctic Monkey's were interviews a few months after and denied ever using the website. (See this fact below, Key words Highlighted))

All they had to do to verify this was TRUE by interviewing the band.

The BBC has a duty to check facts before sending the story out WORLD WIDE. They Failed in their duty to report the TRUTH and enhanced a USA Website that was relatively unknown by Bands in the UK, You only have to see the profile creation date for UK bands which 99% were created after the news broke.
Many 1,000's of bands flocked to this site deluded into thinking the use of the site will make them famous, turning the pages looking for the fans, increasing the advertising revenue and making it a UK household name.

Then the BBC (Mainly Radio1) repeatedly mentioned MYSPACE day after day. One day, I personally counted 35 mentions of this business and it still goes on today, day after day.

Today, many many bands are now seeing it for what it is, all the fans are leaving the site by the droves and even many very of the corporate label's artists are not getting as many tracks played as some unsigned artists.

If there is Corruption in the BBC it WILL come out, there are many independent investigator on the case right now.

In my opinion there is and the BBC mainstream channel is clearly pushing the music from the corporates and not the small independents allowing the continue of music monopoly to exist in the UK.


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