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BLACK LIGHT in line : are Black Light UK.... so presumably there's a yank outfit lurkin' about somewheres...

this Brit-sounding hard-rockin' combo hail from the the almost legendary Maidstone, famous for... for.... well, being in Kent i suppose....

the first track up is:

HALF A DECADE the first track up on auto-play on a webpage or profile SHOULD be the one that shows a band in ALL it's glory... and - sorry guys - but i was kinda dissapointed, now i understand that many of you out there have only the most meager of set-ups and connections... but that really is NO excuse for not catering to the high end... in the grandest of grand schemes - and if the great rock'n'roll fruit machine favours you... and that elusive A&R guy happens across your site whilst browsing... you can bet your bottom... yes - your actual buttocks... both of 'em... that he's got some super-flash way of actually acessing your sounds.... so make sure that the first track that pops up is UTTERLY.... and i MEAN utterly spankin'!

....unlike Black light UK... the sound is quite dismal, (and before you ask, yes - i have a right feck-off system....)  this MP3 is probably encoded at 128 kbps, and totally un-mastered.... had to turn the amplifier up full blast to get something worth listening too... NOT good enough.... and though, listening through the mush, one can make out that there's great playing goin' on here - the over all impression is of something that was thrown together... there's NO top end... cymbal crashes totally lost and the mix itself leaves a lot to be desired... big booming floppy bass drum just clutters the low end, and it sounds like there's no bass guitar at all... on the up side, the guitar is excellent with a real crunchy 80's classic metal feel - and the song is well constucted - though the vocals and harmonies are a little too overt and stand a little too proud allowing the listener to hear when it just doesn't QUITE come off...

...the lads say that theyve just realeased a CD - i hope - for thier sake - that it's NOT these mixes...

let's try another... as is my want - at random...


....ahh - now that IS better.... (forgot to turn me amplifier down.... nearly blew m'feckin' head off!)

...great chugging intro into some great harmonic riffage that hammers along at full tilt and just invites you to bob yer head along...  great stabs and accents with the whole band right on it and tight as the proverbial gnats chuff... it's a strange kinda mix with elements of NWOBHM and late 70's post-punk... and i'm just lovin that little guitar hook - can see m'self havin' that one stuck in me head for the rest of the day! - just bettin' this track has 'em rockin in the aisles... great mix this time around... with guitars spread nicely in the stereo mix - just right for this genre... i can hear the drums too this time and this guy must sweat bucketloads on stage - well energetic... the bass is also there this time around, and doin' just what a bass should do for this ilk of stuff - holding it all together at the low end...

....this is a well constructed rip-roaring high octane work out... with special mention to the drummer who plays up a storm, with both half-time and double-time segments and a couple of decelerondo breaks that aren't the easiest thing in the world to keep together - i know!

vocals are delivered in a kinda shouty football crowd singalong way - and i bet thier fans do! there's no pretention here, just the allusion to a fun and beery time being had by all... and if they ever get down around my parts, (ooo-errr) i'll be there - beer in hand - shouting along in the chorus' and having the time of m'life for the night!

....just sort that track order out lads... or people may never get to hear the good stuff!

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Published by InfamousT on Saturday, September 10, 11:44 AM

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