IPANEMA Flagburner
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I've only heard a couple of snippets of the new Foo Fighters offering and I really like what I've heard. Having said that, I'm not too sure I want to hear any more. Fact is, I'm expecting to be's just that next to the Chilis the Foos have been my favourite band for some years now but I don't expect they'll be able to maintain the standards they've set themselves...and I really don't want to be let down by a duff album. Great news, then, that I don't even have to worry about it 'cause their place along side the Chilis has just been taken by a newcomer.


Three blokes from Hampshire...I like that...they're brits, they're brash, they certainly are not punk, as they claim. Ipanema are far too good to be punk (sorry punksters, but that's the nature of punk...'not good enough to be a proper band and proud of it' is how I think JR put it) No, Ipanema are the best 'proper' band on the planet right now. Simple. An outrageous comment? Listen to them and tell me I'm wrong. Name one band who does what they do better. Okay, I admit it...I haven't heard every band on the planet so maybe I'm wrong.

I have in my grubby mit a piece of plastic. It happens to be the promo CD which Ipanema very kindly sent, for goodness sake! I'd happily have paid for this (and I promise I will buy the first CD you guys put out for real). I've chosen to feature Flagburner here for the simple reason that it's on the band's profile so you can all hear this masterpiece from the comfort of ukbands own pages. It's a brilliant track but by no means Ipanema's best. If it were MY best track I'd be delighted but these guys make light of producing nothing but¬ excellent material. Every track's a winner.


From the abrupt beginning Flagburner sucks you in. Relentless, energy driven rock-out from the word go. Every aspect of this stuff is astounding. It's difficult not to sound like I'm their agent but I can't stress enough what an unheard of grasp these superb musicians have of every twist available to a three piece. The cement of the band, and the thing which makes them so accessible, is melody. Living proof that you can rise above the hardest of hard rockers with a TUNE. Echoed by surging guitar blast, the vocals are phenomenal. The perfect voice...range, subtlety, power and accuracy. It must be exhilarating to be able to warble like Wiz and as if that's not enough, he's responsible for that guitar too! One annoyingly talented fella. All that's left is the rhythm section and behind the likes of Wiz they could probably have got away with being mediocre. They're not. Gerry's bass must be driven by the same nerve impulses as Lawrence's kick pedal. They're about as one as two things can get.The verse/chorus interchange has you believing that all the power the band has has just kicked in, which is quite something as the beat just halved. Of course, we've been fooled and the chorus now REALLY kicks in...and intensifies with the addition of the backing vocal. It just goes on growing. The chorus/verse interchange and there's easily enough space to burn a flag, but not for long. I must take this track off repeat...everybody's gotta sleep, right?..but I know it'll be back on for a large part of tomorrow along with the rest of this rejuvenating CD. If this were in the shops I'd say buy it. It will be soon...surely!

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