ADVERTISING WITH UKBANDS.NET has recently undergone massive changes that have resulted in a huge shift with regards to the company structure and its day to day running. These changes will continue as they are necessary to ensure the site is developed and maintained to the highest possible standards. The opening of a new office in Newcastle upon Tyne and the employment of 6 new members of staff (from the original 2) gives an indication of our desire to build on the fantastic foundations has created over the last 10 years.

We aim to improve the support we offer to artists & the industry still further; the new developments have been put in place to ensure the smooth running of the site and its re-launch. The aim will be to help our members make more from their promotion via this portal, growing the site further and maximising its full potential.

The time constraints and workload involved in the day to day running of the site have made these changes inevitable, raising the standards in every aspect, from exposure for its members, the functionalities available through to its presentation. These developments have placed major financial constraints on and with that in mind we have taken the decision to offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities within the site to try and offset the various financial burdens we have/ are incurring.

The aim will always be to keep this site non corporate and we will insist that any advertising/ sponsorship must be in the best interests of the site and its members. We understand that the principals and values of the site are very important, as are all the members on the site. We will always do what we think is best for our members, these new changes are aimed at creating a bigger, better and more effective site for everyone concerned.

Advertising Services Currently Available With

Event Advertising Outside Your Local Region- This service is open to any artist, manager, promoter or label aiming to reach fans on this site from a specific region. The individuals on our site are real and dedicated music fans, most of whom joined the site as a result of the bands/ artists asking them to show their support by casting a vote for them on the music chart. There has never been a more targeted way of reaching true fans, for small fee a region outside your local area can be reached for only £1 per entry. This can go out up to 4 per month prior to the event.
To list your gigs for FREE and advertise an event outside region, simply go to your "my Profile" and add the gigs to the news and promotion section.

Advertising Events - We offer our members the chance to promote their events to either all the fans on the site, a certain region/ area or even worldwide by genre if necessary. This ensures you reach the fans you desire, if specific audience groups are needed, then they can be targeted or you can simply opt to advertise to every member on this site. We have made it simple and cost effective by keeping this service to a standard one off charge of only £99.

If you are interested in advertising on the site, please contact the administrator with the details of what you require.

Advertising Business Services or Products- is selective with regards to banner advertising on the site but we do offer it as a service. We only accept banner advertising from artists, industry and those businesses that are related to or can offer something of benefit to our members.

The cost of banner advertising on the front page and the artist Chart page is £31 per month.

Or £119 for 3 months

If you are interested in advertising contact the administrator with the details of your needs, if you need a simple static banner created on your behalf, we are able to design this for you and include it in the price.

Please don't forget we do ask ALL MEMBERS with their own web site to link to us and help us promote the site, bringing more individuals to the site which will in turn, benefit all the members on the site.

Thank you for your support Team

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