UKBANDS.NET was created back in 1997 as a way to help expose the amazing underground talent that needed the exposure outside their local area and found it difficult to find gigs due to lack of contacts. This site has never been a paying service but to sustain the site after the massive growth over the past 2 years it has to start and generate revenue. We have now sources the right people to get involved and staff which could take on the day to day jobs that are needed to be sustainable.

In the past 18months the business has grown much larger and is now providing the services needed that compete with the large established corporate businesses that have long made a big profit from the backs of artists without caring about their progress. To enable us to move forward in ways in which we can help the artists and independent industry alike we have scoured high and low to find the right suppliers to enable us to compete and lower the prices for services (see the services page) and merchandise.

We have one goal in mind and that is to make it fair for the small guys who have the talent and need the tools and resources to market and mange while fighting the large corporate faceless giants who have dominated the industry since the early years, controlling the content on TV & RADIO so the fans have little choice as to what they hear on radio, all mainstream and prime time play lists are always pushing the music with the money behind it, we say "LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE" and if all the real music fans out there get behind the artists and keep buying new music in the download charts we can together make a difference for the real talent out there and lets boycott the recycled pop that they market into the heads of the masses via crap like pop idol and X Factor. They are exploiting everyone who wastes their time and money voting on these shows or worse still buying any of this very heavily marketed material, it's like the McDonalds of the good food industry.

We are currently expanding from UKB Live into the European market with Euro Live which will see Bands travelling to Europe and earning from their performance to cover the costs of touring, updates will be out soon.

You can contact any of the staff on the contact page

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