All info will be updated soon, it all takes time… so a little bit to give you an idea..

If you want to help change the current live music scene then join us or at least subscribe…; NO advertising for profits, just to help guide you along a path that can help you sustain a living from your music.

If you have followed the Industry and the new world internet medium  for as long as we have you will know the dream as never wavered yet the intelligence and the vision is due to more and more related  information having been made public. This information is used to find answers for all members alike.

From the very outset of the internet propaganda on TV, to encourage more and more people onto it for various claimed reasons the vision to build a powerful network of bands and their fans to allow direct communication to the customer (the Fans) This was fraught with many many hurdles, mainly people and the way they behave without first thinking it all over. The leader at the time was MP3.com Yes its we near perfect, then the corporate media bought it out and shut it down. What did this mean?

This meant that the obvious real tools you need were taken away, just as the masses were being dragged onto the internet.

The past gave us so many white rabbits to follow such as Bebo, mySpace, spotify, iLike, Napster the the perfected mind control medium FACEBOOK.  none of these were real platforms to support artists wiching to control their own destiny. Then there a solution to just about everything that is needed, ReverbNation.com (it has just about everything) is it used? very little, this shows you there is a platform That will allow independent management of your future without the need to sell out to a Label, yet it doesn’t seem to WORK… WHY? its frustrating but there are answers which we will go into and help create a new Industry which will benefit the Artists and NOT the Industry Sharks who suck the blood from real ART and manipulate it for their own form of control over the masses, if you are ever in that position, you have already Lost, just ask the many household names that were dropped and shelved because they wanted their souls back. More soon……


Well our goals still have not changed and never will but until we get the people behind this concept to make real changes to benefit you and not some corporate shareholders then nothing will change, you will be exploited for ever more and I shall just retire, this is one last chance for you please to make it happen. If this is the sort of goal you wish to see then act now and get behind the new UKB Evolution, not Revolution. Would you like to join us on this ride into changing the future to benefit all not enslave all? then keep an EYE on us…. (Pardon the Pun) If your not already a member… Join Us